Progress on Pastoral Centre

Here are more photos from the ongoing renovations of the Pastoral Centre, including the arrival of the beams for the new roof. 
Previous photographs of the work at an earlier stage are also available.

IMG 0837

IMG 0801

IMG 0802

IMG 0803

IMG 0804

IMG 0806

IMG 0807

IMG 0808

IMG 0809

IMG 0811

IMG 0812

IMG 0813

IMG 0814

IMG 0815

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IMG 0817

IMG 0819

IMG 0820

IMG 0821

IMG 0822

IMG 0823

IMG 0824

IMG 0826

IMG 0828

IMG 0829

IMG 0830

IMG 0831

IMG 0832

IMG 0833

IMG 0834

IMG 0835

IMG 0836

IMG 0838

IMG 0839

IMG 0840

IMG 0841

IMG 0842

IMG 0843

IMG 0844

IMG 0845

IMG 0846

IMG 0847

IMG 0848


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Today’s Mass Readings
How Far the Horizon
You want to travel?
You want to set foot on new lands, and walk along the world’s edge?
You want to live and to satisfy your thirst for more abundant life,
To fling wide the gates of your mind and be enriched by wisdom.
Travel where you wish to go, scale all the mountains and cross every ocean.
Remember this only:
The miles are ahead of you
The obstacles are within you.
Life is a voyage. Some people sit and watch, heedless of the heart’s urge and the spirit’s deepest need to launch out. Others drift here and there on the waves. They have chosen the safety of the shallows and turned their back on the promise of the deep. A sturdy few hammer their own craft together, cast off from the land and go. These know how to reach out and receive the gift of life.
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