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seeing your life through the lens of the gospels – John 15:26-27, 16:12-15
1. Jesus recognised that his disciples were not capable of taking in everything at once. Wisdom about life comes slowly and sometimes painfully. Hearing the ‘right’ answer at the ‘wrong’ time does not help us. We need to be ready and open to receiving the truth if it is to have any impact. Perhaps you can recall some occasions when it was the ‘right’ time for you to learn a truth about life. Remember your experiences of growth in understanding.
2. The Spirit can guide us to understanding in different settings. Understanding may have come to you when you were praying or reflecting on your life. Perhaps the Spirit guided you through the words of someone close to you, or through the words and actions of people you read about or saw on TV. Remember and give thanks for the people who have helped you to greater wisdom in life.
3. The Spirit also speaks to us through ‘the signs of the times’. The church has lived through a troubled decade or two, and many countries are experiencing a turbulent time. How do you think the Spirit is speaking to us at this time?
4. Wisdom is handed on from person to person, and from generation to generation, within families, within communities, etc. Are there any particular gems of wisdom that you cherish from what has been handed on to you? What wisdom would you like most of all to pass on to those close to you?  – John Byrne, OSA

The Deep End
In today’s Gospel, we see that Jesus is comfortable with an element of mystery. Speaking to the disciples before his arrest, Jesus is preparing them for the gift of the Spirit. The word he often uses is ‘Advocate’, meaning helper or comforter, indicating the disciples will not be left to struggle on alone. We hear Jesus say that the complete truth is too much for the disciples now. The mysteries of his life, death and Resurrection, and the implications for his followers – all will become clearer in due course. The Spirit will guide you, he says. Not everything is revealed at once.
Then in our first reading from Acts, we recall the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, just as Jesus promised. The disciples are gathered together when they have a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit, urging them out into the streets, proclaiming the Good News. The time has come. They must have remembered Jesus’ promise then, finally understanding what he meant when he said the Spirit would lead them, when the time was right.
The Spirit is still at work in our world. As our journey continues – as humanity, as church, as individuals – the Spirit unveils God’s message for our place and time. The Spirit is that life-giving force that animates our world, inspiring and energising us. Our task is to listen, to be awake to the many ways God speaks to us and calls us into the life of God.
‘I have always pleaded for a deep listening to the voice of the artist in our midst, and also to the supreme artist who tries to lead us to completion, the Holy Spirit of God.’ (Mark Patrick Hederman)  – Tríona Doherty

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Building Hope
Pilgrim God, we give you thanks and praise.
You constantly journey with us even in our darkness and doubts.
We seek your way of loving kindness to walk together as one family.
Open our eyes to recognise you in the faces of one another,
in the breaking of bread and in the splendour of creation.
May the risen Christ sow seeds of hope and new life deep within us.
May our hearts and minds be filled with your Word, bringing forth truth, justice and peace.
May the Holy Spirit working in and through us do much more
than we can dare to imagine as we live out our baptismal calling in humble and loving service.
We make this our prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.
St Laurence O’Toole, pray for us.
St Kevin, pray for us.
St Brigid, pray for us.

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