Remembering our Dead

One of the greatest signs of love is remembrance. We set time aside during November to remember and pray for our brothers and sisters who have died. We pray that they have passed from death to life in the company of the Risen Christ, the firstborn from the dead, whose love has overcome all things.

We pray for those who mourn the death of a loved one and whose grieving has been all the more difficult on account of pandemic restrictions.

We pray too for our healthcare workers and all who keep essential services going. We pray especially for those who died as a result of their selfless service during the pandemic.

On the first Friday of every month, the dead are especially remembered in the offering of our Mass. Please include your deceased loved ones in our Altar List of the Dead.

“It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead”

November dead

O Lord, we praise and thank you for the gift of our loved ones who have died and whom we remember during this month of November.
We thank you, compassionate God, for walking with us in all the dark moments of our grief and loneliness. Even when we find it hard to see you, we know and trust that you walk beside us and, in the Resurrection of Christ, Your Son, the victory of love in Jesus Our Lord, you give us a reason for living, a reason for hoping.
Lord, continue to be a light for us, giving us direction and courage in this difficult time. Help us to bring light and hope to others. Amen.


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Today’s Mass Readings .
Prayer for Christian Unity
Creator of light,
illumine our path by the light of Christ who moves before us and leads us.
May he be a beacon for our pilgrimage.
Enlighten us and dwell within us.
We thank you for the gift of that unfading Star, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
Heal our divisions and draw us closer to the Light that we may find our unity in him. Amen.
           * * *
Even in the greatest darkness, God’s light is with us. Most perfectly, in the fullness of time, God sends Jesus Christ, who is the guiding light for all nations, the glory of God in the world, the source of divine light and life. The way ahead into unity with one another, into closer union with Christ, is not always clear. In our earnest attempts to build unity ourselves it is all too easy to lose sight of this fundamental message of the scriptures: that God does not abandon his people even in their failures and divisiveness. This is God’s message of hope for the whole world. God guides people of all kinds, by the light of the star, to where Christ, the light of the world, is to be found.
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