Parish Census

The National Census of Ireland in 2011 provided data on each parish in the country. Some interesting facts emerged for Harold’s Cross.

  • Our parish has a high proportion of young adults but follows the national trend in older age groups.
  • It reveals a notable decline in the proportion of stated Catholics, both lower than the national average and also lower than a previous survey.
  • It has a high level of rented accommodation, and is characterised by a high ‘single’ population – both indicators of a transient population.
  • It is a comparatively affluent middle-class parish in Dublin, with higher levels of technical and professional employment.

More detail is available under the following headings:

Age Distribution


Harold’s Cross Parish has a disproportionately larger young adult (20-35) population profile and a smaller 0-20 age group, compared with the national data (represented by the line going from left to right).
Our population mirrors the national average from age 40 upwards.
There are almost identical proportions of men and women in our parish.

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Gender and Marital Status

Two thirds of men and women in Harold’s Cross are single, while about a quarter are married.

CSO-HX maritalstatus

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Family Profile

In total, there are 1,530 families in Harold’s Cross Parish. 56% of families have two members (including adults and children, if any). 20% have three members, 16% have four members and 8% have five or more members.

The following graph shows the distribution of the family cycle – among those identified as families – in Harold’s Cross. 28% of families have no children yet and 14% have children of pre-school age. In 18% of families, the children are adults and, in 11% of families, the children have left home.

CSO-HX FamilyCycle

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Stated Nationality

81% of the survey respondents in Harold’s Cross indicate Irish nationality. The same proportion was found in a 2008 parish survey, although the diversity of other nationalities appears to have diminished.

CSO-HX nationality

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Stated Religion

A lower proportion (67%) state that they are Catholic, compared with the national picture (84%). In 2008, the stated religion of the population in Harold’s Cross (81% Catholic) was similar to the national average.

CSO-HX religion

18% of people in our parish state that they have no religion, a proportion three times greater than the national average (6%). This large discrepancy may be partly explained by the very high percentage of young adults in Harold’s Cross and a growing reluctance to be publicly committed to a particular lifestyle, image or institution. The preference for many is to be independent and able to embrace or reject specific aspects at will.

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A very high proportion of residents in Harold’s Cross Parish (47%) live in private rental accommodation. The national average is 29%.

CSO-HX housing

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Employment Status

There is a comparatively low level of unemployment (8%) in our parish, compared with the national average (14%). 60% of parishioners aged 15 years and over are at work, 13% are students, 11% are retired and 5% are looking after the home or family. 3% are unable to work due to disability or long-term illness.

Among those at work, the following occupational categories emerged. Harold’s Cross has a large proportion of professional (16%) and managerial (34%) workers.

CSO-HX professions

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Transport and Communications

36% of households in the parish have no car, while 43% have one car. The remaining 21% of households have two or more cars.

Three out of four homes have internet access.

CSO-HX internet

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2. Jesus takes up the Cross. Do I accept crosses or burdens in my life without complaint? Do I ever load burdens onto others?
3. Jesus falls the first time. When I fall or make mistakes do I get up again or am I inclined to give up?
4. Jesus meets his mother. Do I recognise the hurt even unintentional that my life can cause to others especially those I love the most?
5. Simon helps Jesus carry the Cross. Am I always grateful to those who offer me help or who share a burden with me?
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10. Jesus is stripped of his garments. Am I willing to deprive myself of attachment to material things to give more time to God?
11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross. Can I bear pain without always seeking instant relief? Am I ever guilty of causing pain to others?
12. Jesus dies on the Cross. Am I willing to die to my own sinfulness and selfishness? Do I always want my own way?
13. Jesus is taken down from the Cross. Have I a devotion to Mary in my life? As Jesus gave us His Mother from the Cross do I accept Mary as my Heavenly Mother who intercedes for me?
14. Jesus is laid in the tomb. Do I live my life in such a way that I can be confident the grave will not be the end for me but that I will share in Christ’s Resurrection?
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