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Enrolment Sunday for this year’s First Holy Communion programme was on 24th September. At the 10.30am Mass, the parents and children were presented to the community, invited to promise to participate in the programme and asked to renew their Baptismal Promises with the parish community.

This journey is not just for the children and their parents. As a community, we are called to affirm and support each other in our faith. We make this journey of faith together in the shelter of one another – we cannot do it alone. The parents and children who join us on Enrolment Sunday need our encouragement and prayers. At the Last Supper, Jesus asked us to ‘do this in memory of me’. Each group of children who prepare for First Holy Communion help us all to remain faithful to that promise.


The Do This In Memory programme aims to involve parents, parish leaders and the wider parish community in preparing children for First Eucharist. The sacramental preparation of children is the responsibility of the home, school and parish working together in partnership. Together with Baptism and Confirmation, the celebration of First Eucharist opens the door to full membership of the Christian community.

Loving God,
We call to mind the children who will prepare for First Eucharist during the coming year and all who care for them. We ask your blessing on all of them and on all of us gathered here. May we always walk as children of the light and be prepared to share that light with those whom we meet.

First Holy Communion Programme Dates 2017-2018
10.30 am Sunday 24th September Enrolment
10.30 am Sunday 22nd October 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10.30 am Sunday 26th November Feast of Christ the King
10.30 am Sunday 24th December 4th Sunday of Advent
10.30 am Sunday 14th January 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
10.30 am Sunday 11th February 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10.30 am Sunday 4th March 3rd Sunday of Lent
10.30 am Sunday 25th March Palm Sunday
7.30 pm Thursday 29th March Holy Thursday
10.30 am Sunday 15th April 3rd Sunday of Easter
10.30 am Sunday 3rd June Corpus Christi

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