Confirmation Programme

The most recent Mass in the Confirmation programme was on Sunday 14th January at 10.30am. It focused on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit?
The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. With these, the Holy Spirit “endows” Christians – in other words, he grants them particular powers that go beyond their natural aptitudes and gives them the opportunity to become God’s special instruments in this world.

What does it mean to say I believe in the Holy Spirit?
To believe in the Holy Spirit means to worship him as God just like the Father and the Son. It means to believe that the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts so that we as children of God might know our Father in heaven. Moved by God’s Spirit, we can change the face of the earth.

What role does the Holy Spirit play in the life of Jesus?
Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot understand Jesus. In his life the presence of God’s Spirit, whom we call the Holy Spirit, was manifest in a unique way. It was the Holy Spirit who called Jesus to life in the womb of the Virgin Mary (Matthew 1:18), endorsed him as God’s beloved Son (Luke 4:16-19), guided him (Mark 1:12) and enlivened him to the end (John 19:20). On the Cross, Jesus breathed out his Spirit. After his Resurrection, he bestowed the Holy Spirit on his disciples (John 20:22). At that, the Spirit of Jesus went over to his Church: “As the Father has sent me, even so I send you” (John 20:21).

See more questions and answers on the Sacrament of Confirmation from YOUCAT (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church).


The Sacrament of Confirmation marks us as a full member of the Catholic Church. To support parents in the religious education of their child, the school and the parish have organised a programme for all those children who are enrolled for Confirmation. This programme offers young people an opportunity to think about serious choices that are facing them, choices about values, choices about faith, and the challenge and joy of living a Christian life.

Confirmation Programme Dates 2017-2018
10.30 am Sunday 10th December Promise, enrolment and commitment
10.30 am Sunday 14th January
Gifts of the Spirit
10.30 am Sunday 28th January Fruits of the Spirit
10.30 am Sunday  4th February Called by Name
10.30 am Sunday 18th February Anointed with Oil awaiting the Spirit
Sacrament of Confirmation

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The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is being observed from 18th to 25th January.
When the Russian–Finnish boundary line was being redrawn, a farmer was told that the border passed right through the middle of his land. He therefore had the option of having his land taken into Russia or Finland. He promised to give the matter serious thought, and after some weeks announced that he wanted to live in Finland. A host of incensed Russian officials descended on him to explain the advantages of belonging to Russia, not Finland.
The man heard them out, then said, “I am in complete agreement with everything you say. In fact, it has always been my desire to live in Mother Russia. But at my age I simply won’t be able to survive another of those Russian winters.”
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